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The Odyssey Reformer


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When we start talking about the life-changing journey of exercise and movement the Odyssey reformer is your perfect partner.

Designed with Freedom Pilates’ mission to make the life-changing benefits of Pilates accessible to all New Zealanders in mind, the sleek-looking aluminium frame is designed to the highest standard to suit the @Home market in both style and affordability.

The Odyssey is also available in a higher leg option, bringing your Pilates bed upto 400mm off the ground. See accessories tab for more details.


Taking orders now for January delivery. Secure yours with a 20% deposit today.

e-mail Mike on hello@freedompilates.co.nz to secure your order 

When looking for a Pilates Reformer you need to buy from a source you can trust.

At Freedom Pilates, our reformers have been hand-selected by our Physiotherapy team to suit our client’s needs, be that a 70 year old looking to maintain mobility, or a 25 year old looking to sweat it out in a SLT style session from home.

If your journey to improved mobility and exercise is just beginning, or maybe you are already some way down the path and have learnt that Pilates is your thing – The Odyssey Reformer could be your perfect fit for you.

With an uninterrupted solid aluminium frame, double-stitched high-grade upholstery and footbar mechanism that is solid yet easy to engage the Odyssey reformer epitomises the quality we would expect in our studio, let alone for the home-user – in fact we use these exact reformers in our 1-on-1 studio in Christchurch.

Utilising piano wire springs for durability the resistance and support you receive from the 5 spring system will remain consistent for years to come.

Supported by our best in market warranty, we have no doubt you will enjoy the Odyssey in your home studio.


  • Reinforced aluminium & steel frame (rated upto 150kg user weight)
  • Studio style multi-level resistance, colour-coded carriage springs
  • Single piece aluminum channel runners for a smooth un-interrupted operation
  • Lockable, quick change footbar mechanism
  • High quality grey upholstery, double stitched for durability.
  • Wheels at footbar end make maneuverability simple.
  • The reformer can be stood up on its end for easy storage.
  • Long carriage run suits users up to 2m tall.


  • 2380 long x 680mm wide x 200mm high (at the bed)
  • 80kg


  • Pilates Box (colour matched, double stitched Pilates Box)  $290NZD
  • Padded jumpboard – included at no extra charge on this model.



At Freedom Pilates we will support you on a use, not abuse basis to ensure you get many years use from your Pilates equipment.

Formally below is our warranty assurance on our Reformers. 

  • 10 year Warranty on the main frame
  • 2 year Warranty on all components
  • 1 year Warranty on upholstery faults (excluding accidental damage)

9 reviews for The Odyssey Reformer

  1. Kate O’Keefe

    Thanks to Mike and Cath for organising the Odyssey Reformers. I had been working in the studio for six months before I decided to invest in the reformer. It’s give me so much more flexibility, as I was only able to attend class in studio once a week. The at home solution on line, with the videos, live streaming and chats is a really valuable tool and enables me to get maximum use and enjoy. I would totally recommend this product to anyone who was serious about Pilates and stretched for time!

  2. Annie (Taranaki)

    Amazing machine and seller very knowledgeable about product (helpful as well)

  3. Mary

    Having been a client in your studio I took the leap and purchased a reformer for home – I can’t believe how good the quality is. Thank you for doing this for us.

  4. Sarah B

    I just want to thank you both so much for offering the online Pilates classes!
    I have a very strained upper and mid back as well as pelvis from having my babies and I can honestly say one week of this had been incredible… I can move again!!
    With my husbands job and age of my family there is no way I could fit in daily Pilates … but I can easily manage it during my one year olds nap time or after the kids are down and I don’t need to find a babysitter.
    For me this format is really really working!

  5. Abby Fitzgerald

    I purchased the Odyssey Reformer for my own private use as a Pilates Instructor and I can’t recommend Mike from Freedom Pilates and the machine enough. Mike took the time to video call me to show me the machine and answer any questions I had before I decided to purchase the machine. The Odyssey itself is easy to put together (I managed without instructions), lovely to use and is very sleek, so much so that I am considering taking clients at my home. I would definitely recommend Mike and the Odyssey!

  6. Esme

    After lots of consideration & searching around, I bought the Odyssey Reformer for personal home use. I was hesitant as it is a pricey investment. Having now used it several times, I feel it is similar to the balanced body reformer I used during studio classes. Very easy to set up. Springs good, nice range of them, glides well and with the box included can do almost all exercises formerly done in the studio. It’s great to have at home, makes commitment to exercise easy & enjoyable. Mike was very approachable & helpful. Thank you.

  7. Rebecca Cass

    I’m absolutely LOVING my Odyssey reformer – it has brought so much joy to my life I can’t even begin to describe!!
    Thank you so much – the reformer has been a life saver, living in this remote beach village working the USA timezone etc

  8. Mark

    After struggling to get to enough classes during the week I decided to make the investment in the Odyssey and no regrets, a great piece of equipment, super smooth and easy to set up. If you are seriously into Pilates and looking for a home set up this would be the perfect machine. Cost wise it seems quite expensive but if you are currently doing two classes a week in a studio the cost of these would pay for this reformer in less than a year.

  9. Jess

    Absolutely loving my odyssey reformer . Can’t wait to get on it every day, it’s not like other machines/home gyms that make you hurt and your reluctant to use- it’s something that literally makes me feel so good ! I walk out from doing even a short session and my body feels different. Life changer for me !
    That classes are incredible too, so much to learn and follow and Cath’s instructions are just perfect for teaching you, even if your new to it all like me.
    So pleased I brought mine! If your considering it, I say go for it ! You won’t regret it.

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