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Freedom Pilates

With 20+ years of Physiotherapy experience and over 15 years as a Pilates Therapist, Cath Julius understands the benefits Pilates can bring.

It was, for this reason, Cath pioneered the evolution of large scale Reformer Pilates classes in Christchurch and along with her team, Freedom Health has developed a reputation as the go to place for health based Pilates solutions. But what about the rest of New Zealand not to mention those that just can’t fit their lives around the class schedule?

With a mission to ensure every New Zealander has access to the benefits Pilates can bring, Cath and her team have developed the @Home solution available here at Freedom Pilates.

Following the same formula that has made the in-studio solution so successful, you can now purchase a reformer for home and join in the classes live, or partake in a library of recorded classes to suit your needs

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Giving you the freedom to enjoy pilates @home


With over 20 years experience in Physiotherapy, Woman's Health and Pilates we offer more than a fitness fad.


Our trainers are industry experts. Providing you with professional training and guidance that you can access 24/7.


Pilates for everyone. It's not about being a "fitness bunny". It's about being the best version of you.